10 pieces of New RCT2W White Radio Frequency Interference Ferrite Chokes - RFI

10 each New RCT2W RFI Radio Frequency Interference Ferrite Chokes - White

This sale is for 10 pieces new RCT2W RFI Radio Frequency Interference Ferrite Chokes - Black.  These are new, unused parts, perfect for suppressing radio frequency interference .   The part measures approximately 1.25 x .75 x 75 inches.  The picture shows two chokes, one open, one closed but this item is for purchasing a lot of 10 pieces.  Shipping anywhere in the continental US is FREE.  International shipping will be quoted upon request.

Choke out unwanted RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). 

These are much better (and cost less!) than those RF chokes sold by a popular company because of the greater surface area to choke RF out of the wire. 

The RCT-4, RCT-4W, RCT-5 choke snaps over RG-8, RG-213, 9913, LMR400, etc. 
RCT-4 and RCT-4W are a tight fit on RG-8, RG-213, 9913, LMR400, etc. but can be opened up a bit by simply clipping the small plastic keeper tabs on the inside edge of these chokes. 

RCT-5 is a loose fit on RG-8, RG-213, 9913, LMR400, etc.
RND-6 is a loose fit on RG-8, RG-213, 9913, LMR400, etc.

The RCT-2,  RCT-2W and RCT-2T chokes will easily snap over RG-58, RG-59, RG8X, MINI RG-8, etc. 
All chokes will accommodate multiple turns of many common small wire types
Use these chokes with regular wire of whatever wire is feeding the device being interfered with. 
Just laying the wire inside the choke is equivalent to multiple turns of wire inside "their" choke. Plus, our chokes cost you less! (Their small chokes are 4 for $15) Snaps on and snaps off, reusable. 
Standard "MF,HF,VHF" mix. Users have reported good results from broadcast band 550-1700 KHz) up t
hrough the 144 MHz band, useable up to 300 MHz. RND-6 good to 1+ GHz

HAMS: use 6-10 of our chokes on your coax at the feedpoint of your antenna as a "current" balun!


Suggested uses

Church, Synagogue, Temple PA public address systems amplifier, microphone, mixer panel.

Snaps on speaker wires modem wirescoaxial cable, telephone wires, microphone cable, computer sound card wireskeyboard or mouse wiresremote control head wires.

Snaps on ALARM panel wires (this works especially good but you should run ALL of the alarm panel wires through chokes, I use multiple chokes here)

Audio video cables, microphone preamps, guitar amplifiers, PA system, Hi Fi, Fluorescent light noise, switching power supply noise.
Personal computers, word processors, monitors, hard disk drives, digital telephones, audio devices, electronic musical instruments, video games, copiers and facsimiles.

For tough cases and maximum interference reduction wrap as many turns as possible and use multiple chokes per EVERY wire entering or leaving all equipment and at each speaker.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

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