High Quality In-Line Coaxial Lightning Arrestor with UHF Connectors Male Female

High Quality In-Line Coaxial Lightning Arrestor good to 1 GHz with UHF Female and UHF Male Connectors

This item is a good quality in line coaxial lightning arrestor with, UHF (female) on one side and UHF (male) on the other side type connectors (SO239-PL259).  The item is rated to 1000 MHz.  The item will handle 1500 watts PEP for frequencies below 60 MHz.  This configuration is designed for mounting next to your equipment.  When installed properly in the feedline, the lighting arrestor can prevent costly repairs to sensitive radio equipment due to high energy transients during lightning strikes.  This unit limits surges to less than 45 volts in approximately 100 nanoseconds.  A gas discharge tube changes from an open circuit to a short circuit in the presence of energy and voltage surges giving those surges a direct path to ground, thus protecting your equipment. Replacement gas discharge tubes are available for $5 each and can be added to your purchase if desired, just send an email asking to modify the invoice after you purchase the arrestor.   The arrestor is designed with a rugged housing and high quality plated brass UHF connectors.  The replaceable gas discharge tube is user replaceable.  This is new inventory from the radio shop at Henry Radio in Los Angeles, California. Shipping anywhere in the continental US for FREE. International shipping will be quoted on request.

Henry Radio stocks many different typs of RF connectors for all different applications.  If you don't see what you need on eBay, call us for information.  Let us know your requirements.  We can be reached at 310-820-1234 in Los Angeles, California.

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